The Globe and Mail has learned that the son of a Canadian soldier who fought in the First World War and returned to Canada in the mid-1950s, now lives in the U.S.

A soldier who served with the Canadian Forces in the 1950s, has died.

The Canadian soldier, who fought with the Royal Canadian Regiment and then returned to Toronto, was 83.

The son of the soldier’s daughter, who was born and raised on a Canadian soil, is also 83.

Both soldiers were veterans of the Second World War.

The son’s mother died when he was four years old.

The oldest surviving relative of the veteran was born on a military base in Ontario, and the eldest was born three years after his grandfather was killed.

A veteran of the U-boat and U-163, and of the Canadian Army in World War II, the son has long had a close relationship with Canada’s national flag.

He was a regular at Canadian Forces events and has visited several times, including on Remembrance Day in 2017.

The father and son lived in Toronto for about 10 years, and a family friend of the father said the family is still in touch.

He has a Canadian passport and has lived in the city for about 15 years.

The man who was a friend of his father’s said the two men met in the late 1940s and began dating.

He said the son is an active military man who is an artist.

He said the father, who is 82, was a “citizen of the world” who served in the United States during World War I.

“He was part of the great American dream,” the friend said.

“He had been to the United Nations and he was in the war effort, and he just happened to be in Toronto.”

The Canadian government has an amazing history.”‘

It was a very special time’When the Canadian Soldier returned to the city in 1955, he began his life in a cottage on the waterfront.

He lived in an old wooden house, surrounded by trees, for two decades.

He bought his home in 1967 for $7,500.

The family had lived in a house on Richmond Street for decades.

The father’s family owned it.

When the family moved to Toronto in 1971, the boy was 12 years old and he lived in his parents’ basement, the friend of a relative said.

He went to the public library and was fascinated by the architecture of Toronto, the man said.

He was a big fan of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and also loved Canadian films, including films from the 1950 and 1960s, when he watched the films with his parents.

He also was fond of singing and dancing and was a keen reader, the relative said, and played basketball and soccer.

He got his first job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, he said.”

I think he was working there because he liked the kitchen, because he didn’t want to work at the grocery store,” the relative added.

He had also attended school in Toronto and took piano lessons.

He and his wife, a teacher, had two children.

His mother was a homemaker who worked as a nurse in the community hospital where she worked, and their daughter was born.

He graduated from Toronto’s Scarborough College in 1956, and became a part-time cook at a nearby convenience store.

He served in World Wars I and II, and returned home to Toronto to take over the family’s cottage in 1963.

It was there, with his family, that he started his painting career.”

It was like he was always there, there, and then gone,” the uncle said.

By the time he was 19, the elder son had been working in the paint shop for a few years.”

That was his first painting,” the younger son said.

The younger son, who still lives in Scarborough, said the painting was a work of art.

He started painting the cottage in the early 1960s.

He then worked at a grocery store for a couple of years, then began selling art at art fairs and other events.

The work continued until the late 1980s, and by then the family had relocated to Toronto.

He worked at various events around the city, including the Toronto Opera House and the Maple Leaf Gardens.

He returned to painting the family home in Toronto in 1988.

His daughter, a student at the University of Toronto and a member of the College of Design, said her father loved art and had an “instinct for it.””

I always felt like he would make something out of anything he touched,” she said.

But the painting’s quality, as well as the quality of his family’s home, made it “not quite right,” she added.”

My dad didn’t really get involved with his work.

He loved painting and he loved living in Toronto.

“The family moved into a condominium on York Street in 2016.He

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