The world’s biggest celebration of the season is inching closer, and with it comes an increasing sense of urgency to find ways to make the holiday season a success.

The world is experiencing its worst year for annual Christmas-related disasters in history, with the death toll from the devastating wildfire in Northern California rising to more than 8,500.

While there is no magic solution, the world’s greatest Christmas tradition is slowly gaining traction and will likely remain one of the most popular holiday traditions through the coming years.

Here are eight ways to celebrate the season in 2017.


New Year’s Eve Celebrate the New Year at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. | NBC News The National Zoo is opening an outdoor space this year for its first New Year Eve celebration in over 70 years.

The zoo’s New Year’ Eve celebration will feature live music, balloon drops, and a free fireworks display, according to the zoo’s website.

There will also be a number of special events throughout the day, including a special holiday dance.


New Years Eve at the New York City Zoo is a New Year Night event | NBC NEWS The New York Zoo is celebrating its New Years’ Eve at a different time each year, but this year is different.

This year, it will be celebrating New Years Day, which falls on Jan. 2, 2018.

New Yorkers can watch fireworks, eat a special dinner and watch a live concert, according the zoo.

The evening will include entertainment from The Broadway Boys, the band from the movie “The Lion King,” and an audience of thousands.


New years eve at the Great Barrier Reef | ABC News It’s been more than 100 years since the Great Barre Reef was surveyed.

Now, thanks to an international partnership, the iconic reef is being surveyed again, and it will return for the second time this year.

On New Years eve, visitors will be able to enjoy the reef’s beautiful blue waters and coral reefs from the top of the Great Wall of China, to the top-secret, underwater research lab where scientists will use underwater cameras to learn about the health of the coral and its role in protecting the reef from ocean acidification.


New year’s eve at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History | Smithsonian via ABC News The Smithsonian is planning to celebrate New Years day at the Museum of the American Indian on New Years night, with activities including a live auction, live musical performances, and food trucks and other special events.


New England Patriots and Patriots Super Bowl XLIX kickoff at Gillette Stadium | NBC New England is set to host a fireworks show in the Big Dig on New Year in 2018, with a New England state official telling WBZ that the team will also use its stadium as a venue for a New Years show, WBZ reported.

The stadium’s New Years celebration will include live music and a live show featuring a band called the Pats, according WBZ.


New York Giants and New York Jets are taking a dive on New York’s East River | ABC New York is planning a dive celebration for New Year that will include a fireworks display and a giant New York state flag float.


New Yorker’s Christmas Eve dinner is not going to be a traditional Christmas meal at your favorite restaurant | ABC NY It’s not a traditional New Yorker dinner.

The popular New York restaurant is turning down the idea of a traditional dinner in 2018 because it is not a “traditional” meal.

New New Yorker Restaurant President Daniel Nadeau told ABC New Yorker that the restaurant will be a more relaxed and “authentic” dining experience, according ABC NY.

Nadeaus also said that he plans to have more Christmas Eve menus for guests who have to take the New Yorker to dinner in other venues.


A Christmas tree on the White House lawn is an important part of American Christmas tradition | ABC The White House is honoring its Christmas Eve tradition by erecting a tree on top of a large monument that has become a tradition for presidents and first ladies for nearly 70 years now.

The monument, which is being erected in honor of First Lady Michelle Obama, has been in the Oval Office since 2005 and is decorated with thousands of white lights.

It is the only White House Christmas tree to have a full tree at the White Hall residence.

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