Ceramic pros coat their glass with a ceramic coating to protect it from scratches, which are common and common for glass repair.

But how effective is it?

The pros have made a couple of claims for their ceramic coating, and we wanted to find out what they actually are.

We wanted to know if the pros really coat their glasses with a “carpet” of ceramic, and if it’s worth the price, if it really is worth the hassle.

It turns out there is no way to tell whether a ceramic pro is coated or not.

To find out if a professional was actually using a ceramic coat, we went to the pros website to ask them about the coatings and we found out that they were not using them, but just coating the glass.

“We use a ceramic-coated glass for all our work on the side and the back,” said Jeff, who works at a ceramics company called Ceramic Glass.

“Ceramic Glass uses a very different coating than other ceramic manufacturers and I can tell you that our coating is unique and we are not using any other coatings or any other material.”

“Ceramics are a high-tech industry and they use very sophisticated techniques to keep the product from tarnishing,” said John, who also works at Ceramic.

“They have a process called thermal treatment where they soak the glass and then they heat the glass up in an oven for about an hour.

The heat creates a nice finish on the glass.”

So, is it really ceramic?

The Ceramic Pros website claims that their coating is 100 percent ceramic, but we did not find that claim on the website, so we decided to check with Jeff.

He told us that Ceramic was “using a proprietary technology” to make their ceramic coatings, but that they would never say it was ceramic.

“I am not going to use the word ceramic, I am not saying that we don’t have a ceramic product, I just can’t use that word,” said Jeffrey.

“That’s not our name, we are Ceramic and we do not use any other word.

We are not a ceramic company.”

We asked Ceramic if they actually use ceramic coaters in their glass, and they said they did.

“We actually use a special ceramic coating in our products,” said Ceramic’s Jeff.

“The Ceramic team works in collaboration with the ceramic industry and we have a team of ceramic technicians who are certified in the industry.

Ceramic technicians do the coat-making, so the coating on the inside of the glass is not ceramic.”

Jeff said that the ceramic coating is a “proprietary technology” and that they do not share their proprietary technology with other companies.

“Our proprietary technology is very unique,” said his wife, Heather, who worked for Ceramic for a while.

“We have the technology and we share it with others in the ceramic industry.

We have a patent on our technology and it has never been used for any other product.

It is a very unique technology and our customers don’t use it on anything other than Ceramic products.”

So, why does it matter?

We asked Ceramics why they would want to sell the Ceramic coatings to customers and why they didn’t just go and use the Ceramicals own coating, which is also made with ceramic.

We were told that Ceramices coatings are “an extremely important part of our business.”

“The Ceramis are the most successful ceramists in the world and they have been able to develop a new generation of ceramic coating technology that we are very proud of,” said Heather.

“I think the ceramic technology is so important for ceramist and glass repair and for the industry overall.

I think it’s really important for the consumer and for us.”

Jeff added that Cerams coatings would not be a cost-effective solution for most people.

“Most people can do their job with their glass,” he said.

“So I think our customers are probably better served if we just use a product that has ceramic coating instead of trying to come up with something that is not the Ceramentic coating.”

We asked Heather why Ceramic uses the ceramic coat on their glass.

She said it is “because of the durability and the corrosion resistance.”

“Because ceramic is a high temperature metal it is more resistant to damage,” said the CerAMiC Ceramical glass.

“It is resistant to all types of corrosion, including from water, sand and oil.”

“It’s hard to tell the difference between ceramic coating and regular glass,” said Mark, who is a ceramic glass repair engineer.

“A regular glass is usually pretty brittle and it is very difficult to clean and restore.”

Cerament claims that ceramic coat is 100% ceramic.

Mark, who specializes in glass repair, says that ceramic is “an advanced technology and is used to repair a variety of surfaces from metal to glass.”

He says that he does

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