The Jerusalem Municipality, the Israeli municipality in charge of the area, is planning to demolish all of the Arab-owned properties in the city of Ma’aleh Adumim, located near the West Bank city of Hebron.

In the wake of the recent terror attacks on Israeli cities, the Palestinians have been demanding an end to discriminatory laws and policies against them.

The mayor of Maalot Adumirat, a city located in the occupied West Bank, announced that his municipality would no longer allow any Palestinians to live in his municipality.

“Our policy is to prevent the Jewish residents from residing in the municipality,” the mayor said, adding that he was also “saying that if they are still living there, then they must leave.”

He continued, “We will not allow this to happen, as we cannot accept this.

We will not accept this to exist in our society.”

While the Maalat Adumiriat mayor made these remarks in a press conference on Wednesday, the municipal authorities have yet to take any action against the Arab residents of the city.

Maalah Adumirmat Mayor Micky Rosenfeld said, “It is the municipal government that is responsible for the residents.

We are not going to give them the right to live.

We want to keep our Arab residents as neighbors.”

Rosenfeld went on to explain that the municipality has a right to do so, stating that the government will not be able to maintain the rule of law in the area.

He continued: “We have a right as a municipality to do what is necessary in order to preserve our city.”

In the past, the Maayirat Adumairat municipality has been known for its support of the Israeli government and its military occupation of the West Jerusalem neighborhood.

In fact, it has been reported that the Palestinian Authority has sent dozens of soldiers to the area in the past.

Rosenstein is right that Maalam Adumimiirat has a very mixed history.

According to a report from The Jerusalem Maalumistra, a local Arab newspaper, Maalabirat was created in 1955 and the municipality’s first resident was the late Nidal Abu-Jamal, who came from the Palestinian village of Abu-Kharab.

During the 1970s, the municipality adopted a policy of “no Arab residents” in the residential area, as well as a policy prohibiting Arabs from holding office or occupying government positions.

In the mid-1990s, a Palestinian citizen, Abu Muhammad al-Ahmad, took over the city and began implementing the policy of allowing only Arab residents to live there.

The Palestinian community, however, refused to comply with the municipal policy and eventually began to build a wall around the city in order “to keep Arabs out.”

In response, the mayor announced that he will not change his position, as he was not satisfied with the results of the referendum.

“We are the municipality.

We can’t change our policy,” Rosenfeld told The Jerusalem Times.

“The municipality is the municipality, so we have to do whatever it takes to keep Maalayim Adumiterat as the municipality.”

However, Rosenfeld added that he does not want to “take away the right of the residents to choose to live here, but we are not in a position to change it.”

He also stressed that the Maam Adumairiat municipality will not consider any other residents, “whether they are Arabs or not.”

According to The Jerusalem Daily News, the Palestinian resident of Maayam Adumoirat said that “all the Arab houses in Maayamaad are being demolished and we will not leave our property.”

The city has been one of the main centers for the movement for a stateless state in the West of Palestine since the establishment of the state in 1948.

In 2015, Maayhamad was named by UNESCO as one of five cities that have the potential to become the “World Capital of Stateless States.”

Following the declaration of a state by the United Nations Security Council in November 2017, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the city will no longer be eligible for the designation of a World Capital of stateless states.

The court further stated that, “The city of Mafraq will no more be considered a World City.”

According the Jerusalem Post, a spokesperson for Maayman Adumemiirat mayor Micky R. Rosenfeld explained that the mayor was not “trying to change anything.

We do not want this to occur in our city.

We don’t want it to happen in our country.”

He added, “I am not trying to change my policy.

I am just stating that we will maintain the same policy that we have.”

According this spokesperson, the city is still planning to develop a green zone, which will allow residents to plant trees and graze their livestock, as it is customary in the Arab city of Beit El.

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