Two Hollywood actresses accused of rape have been accused of molesting one of their female co-stars.

The accusers in the case are sisters of former WWE star Sasha Banks, who is now dating Rapper Rick Ross, TMZ reports.

The news site says that a woman told authorities that she met Banks at a nightclub in February 2017, where she says she had a drink and met Banks and her then-fiancee, Riff Raff.

“She said she saw Sasha and Rick together and the two were talking about their career,” the woman said in a statement.

“Sasha said she didn’t think she could say no to a guy that she was dating.

The two of them started kissing.

When Sasha left, Rick said Sasha was going to the bathroom and he was going after her.

They got into a heated argument and she told Rick she was going home and that he had a date.”

According to the report, Banks told the woman that she had no intention of leaving, and that she needed to get some clothes on and go to the club, which she later attended.

She later told the women’s mother that she left the club when she heard her boyfriend, Rapper Big Sean, call her a “stupid bitch.”

The women’s family has filed a lawsuit against Banks, Big Sean and Riff, who was later arrested and charged with rape.

“The allegations are horrific,” the sister of the alleged victim told TMZ.

“We are all devastated.

It’s just devastating.

We have a daughter who we all love and who we love so much.

We can’t even express how much we’re all feeling.”

The alleged victim has since filed for divorce from Banks, and is seeking $6 million in damages.

Banks has denied the allegations and told TMZ that he and the women have “a lot of friends.”

The allegations came to light after a New York Times article on Wednesday about an alleged gang rape and assault of a woman in Manhattan.

The Times said the incident occurred on April 12, 2018, in the Bronx.

A witness told the paper that the woman, who gave her name only as “Mimi,” had been drinking with another woman at the time of the attack, and had been “puking all night” and was “over the moon” when she saw Banks come over.

According to witnesses, Banks asked Mimi, “How can you be so stupid, you stupid bitch?”

She told the men, “He wants me to fuck him, bitch,” and Banks “pushed her to the ground, dragged her out of the club and threw her onto the sidewalk,” according to the Times.

The New York Post reported that the victim told police that she tried to get away from Banks as he pulled her onto a bench.

“I thought he was gonna hurt me,” the victim said.

“But he just grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down to the sidewalk, where I fell unconscious.”

Police said the woman told them she had been assaulted and that the attack was consensual.

The alleged attack took place in front of Banks and a female friend, who had been with her at the club.

The Post also reported that a police officer said he was forced to take a polygraph test for the woman after a friend of hers, who did not want to be named, told him about the alleged attack.

“He told me, ‘This is all consensual.

This is all your fault,’ ” the witness told police.

“Then he was told that there was nothing else to say and the person would get a warning.”

Banks was arrested on Tuesday and charged on Wednesday with rape and criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

The charges stem from an alleged incident that occurred at a New Year’s Eve party in January 2017, when the victim was walking home from a bar in New York City with her friend.

Banks, a New Jersey native, was also charged with criminal sexual activity with a child, assault of an intoxicated person and possession of cocaine and ecstasy.

Banks was released on $1 million bail on Wednesday and is scheduled to appear in court on April 21.

He has not yet been charged in connection with the alleged assault.

Banks and his brother, Big Mike, released a statement on Thursday saying that they are cooperating with the police and are “devastated by this devastating incident.”

“Sara and Rick have a special relationship, and we were devastated to learn of this latest incident,” the statement read.

“Our two brothers are committed to helping and supporting each other and our family, and they are committed, too, to making the most of the time they have together.

Sara is excited about her upcoming trip to the U.K., where she will be celebrating her 27th birthday with her family and friends.”

Rick Ross also released a written statement Thursday.

“It’s shocking to me and my team that a member of our team would do something like this to a member who has done so much for them,” the rapper said.

Banks tweeted Wednesday that he was

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