In the past decade, ceramic travel mug technology has made its way into the world of brewing coffee.

And the coffee maker craze has been fueled by the popularity of ceramic travel mugs, which can hold up to two gallons of coffee or more.

Now, it’s possible to brew coffee from the go, as well.

The best of both worlds!

The first step is to find the right mug for you.

A few key factors to consider: The size of the mug You should choose a mug that’s big enough to hold two gallons, which is the equivalent of about an 8-ounce cup.

A smaller mug is fine, but it’s best to try a larger one to get a better idea of how much brew you can expect.

If the size is right, you can pour the liquid in, then add water if you need to, or use a hand siphon if you want to pour the beverage in more slowly.

The depth of the container The bigger the mug, the better, as it allows for more surface area.

But be careful when it comes to the depth of your brew.

Most ceramic mugs have a shallow depth, making it easier to pour liquid into the brew kettle.

That said, some people prefer a deeper depth, as this allows for a more uniform pour, which makes the brew more robust.

For best results, use a larger mug.

If you’re brewing coffee at home, you should also try a smaller mug to help with heat transfer and extraction.

It’s also important to note that the deeper the mug the easier it is to pour out the coffee.

That’s because the depth means less surface area is used for heat transfer, and this is one of the reasons you should use a smaller depth mug.

For this reason, it is a good idea to buy a ceramic mug that has a larger base for brewing coffee than for pouring it in.

The shape of the ceramic mug If the shape of your ceramic mug is similar to the shape you would get with a regular mug, it should hold up well to a certain amount of heat.

If not, the ceramic might not hold up as well in your cup.

The good news is that the shape also depends on how you pour it.

A large mug that doesn’t have enough surface area can’t hold as much liquid.

A small mug that holds up to a cup of liquid may be too narrow.

If your ceramic cup is too shallow, it might not be able to accommodate enough water to be able make your coffee.

If it’s too wide, you might end up with a cup that is too large for your taste.

For more information about how to brew your coffee, see our full guide to brewing coffee with a ceramic cup.

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