Politico: What brands do we like best?

The answers are a bit subjective, but we thought it would be helpful to share some of our favorites with you.

Top brands include: A&Co. Anadarko Goldcorp Avon Avo Group Apex AstraZeneca Bayer AG Boeing Co. Biofuels Alliance Biofuel Systems Alliance Coca-Cola Co. The first three of these are all great brands, but none of them are perfect.

Baker Hughes Blackhawk Aviation Blue Origin Bourbon-Arrow Inc. California-based Boeing is the top name in the aerospace industry.

Delta Air Lines Duluth-based Delta Air Lines.

Dow Chemical Co.  Edmunds & Erwin Group Edwards &amp.

Erwin is a leading global investor and the largest producer of biofuels.

Enterprise Technology Fitch Ratings Golf Digest GM General Motors General Electric General Motors shares rose as much as 1% in premarket trading after the company announced it would raise $1 billion from investors including billionaire Warren Buffett.

Goldman Sachs &amp, J.P. Morgan Chase &amp.; Co.&amp, JPM shares rose slightly after the bank said it was buying a $1.1 billion stake in the company.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corp.&amplifies its digital advertising portfolio with new ad services for Google AdWords.

JobsFirst Inc.</a Hewlett Packards Enterprise Corp., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group, Hewlett Corp. has been one of the largest employers in the U.S. for the last decade.

Kellogg Company The food giant has a strong digital presence, but the food giant’s stock is down about 8% since the start of the year.

LabCorp, Inc.LABCorp, the parent of Kellogg and LabCorp, has been struggling for years as a result of the food-service sector’s decline.

Lavazza, Inc., Lavazza has been trying to turn things around for the brand and recently said it has raised more than $1bn.

Meadows Foods, IncThe maker of Kellogs has been hit hard in recent years by the rise of health-conscious consumers who are more likely to consume less processed foods and snacks.

Microsoft CorporationThe company has been a leader in artificial intelligence, but its market share has been declining for years.

Pixar The company’s digital ads have made a big impact in the advertising space, but many consumers still like the old-fashioned look of the Pixar films.

Quicken Loans &ampamp; CitiCorp The lender is still one of Wall Street’s biggest players, but recent reports suggest it has struggled with rising interest rates and debt.

Sears Holdings &amp ; S&amp.; The retailer is struggling to keep pace with other retailers and has had to deal with increased competition.

Target CorporationThe big-box retailer has struggled to keep up with other big-ticket retailers, but Target has a solid digital presence and a strong advertising strategy.

Valero Energy &amp ct The energy giant has struggled for years with soaring oil prices and its share price has been on the rise.

Volkswagen AG Volkswagen has struggled since it announced it was getting into the automotive market.

Walgreens Boots AllianceThe grocery giant has been growing its own brand in the past few years and has been an aggressive buyer of organic goods.

WhiteWave HealthThe health-focused brand is trying to compete with specialty and specialty-oriented brands.

ZillowThe home-improvement market has grown faster than the broader economy since the recession.

Source: CNBC; Bloomberg News

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