Starbucks, the nation’s largest coffee retailer, on Thursday rolled out a ceramic mug that features a Confederate battle flag, and it’s going to sell it for $20.

The mug, which is available exclusively at Starbucks stores and online, features a ceramic cup with a gold plated design on top.

It also has the Starbucks logo, which stands for the company’s motto “Starbucks is a community of passionate people dedicated to creating meaningful connections between people of all backgrounds.”

Starbucks will sell the ceramic mug exclusively at its stores and through its website for $21.49.

The mug comes with a $20 credit, and customers can also choose to have the cup engraved with their own initials or a Star of David.

The coffee chain, which has a reputation for producing the best-quality coffee in the country, has also launched a limited-edition coffee mug that is available only in stores and on the company website for just $20, with the word “Star” engraved in the bottom.

The company has not yet released pricing for the ceramic coffee mug, but it’s unlikely to be much more than $20 more than the other offerings from the chain.

Starbucks said it was inspired by a conversation it had with a family that lost a son or daughter to the Civil War.

The family was discussing how they would remember their son or girl’s contributions to the war, and the family decided to make a ceramic coffee cup with their son’s name engraved on it.

The family had no idea the cup was made by Starbucks, and was unsure whether to accept it or not, according to Starbucks spokeswoman Heather Merten.

The company had a chance to design the cup, but ultimately decided not to.

Starbuck has already announced it will soon launch a line of ceramic coffee cups.

In April, it began selling a ceramic water-filled mug for $19.99.

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