White ceramic bong accessories, including white ceramic planers, are to be made available in 2018 in a new ad campaign by the company behind the adverts.

The ads, which are expected to be released on Friday, will feature a “dramatic” image of the new ceramic bongs being used in a commercial.

The advert is part of a series of new ad campaigns by the ad agency AdWords and the UK’s advertising watchdog.

White ceramic canisters are used to produce ceramic water pipes, while the new advert is aimed at customers who are more interested in the aesthetics of the product rather than its taste.

The White ceramic water pipe is currently available in several UK and US supermarkets, with the most expensive option being £5,999.

The company behind this new advert, AdWords, said that customers were the “primary target” of the campaign, which aims to “make white ceramic bangers and pipes a mainstream, everyday accessory”.

The White ceramics are made by Adams Outdoor, who also make ceramic water bottles and bowls.

The adverts will feature the brand’s signature on a white ceramic pipe, which has the word “Adams” written across the rim.

The branding on the White ceramic pipe is a nod to the brand name of the brand, which is derived from the words “Adams, New York” in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

The new ad will also feature an image of a white bong in the shape of a star, which looks similar to the stars used in the iconic Star Wars character Chewbacca.

AdWords said that the brand was inspired by the “brilliant design” of its ceramic banger accessories.

“As a brand, we are proud of our heritage in the White Ceramic category, and the iconic White ceramic pipes and water bowls that are available in every supermarket, department store and supermarket outlet in the UK,” it said.

“We know that these products will appeal to a large number of customers across the UK and around the world.

We believe this will appeal particularly to those who have never seen a ceramic bender before and will be delighted to find that their next bong will be a part of the ad campaign.”

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