“We need to do it,” one of the top executives in the U.S. aluminum industry said when he was asked if the industry had a plan to deal with the looming shortage of the popular ceramic heating devices.

“I know it’s hard for you to imagine,” said Scott Bowers, the CEO of the Americas Aluminum Association, who has been at the forefront of efforts to boost demand for the devices, which are widely used in the home and on airplanes.

“But I think that is something that’s going to come to fruition.”

Bowers was speaking at the UBS Americas Energy Summit, which is hosted by the financial services giant and has been billed as a gathering of the industry’s top brass to brainstorm strategies for the coming year.

The summit comes as a number of industries are grappling with the fallout from the heat wave that has hammered the U, Europe and the U of A. While the heatwave has been largely contained to parts of the U., a large swath of the country has been experiencing high temperatures of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) or higher.

The American Association of Realtors, which represents more than 700 aluminum and steel companies, estimates that at least 7 million people in the country could be at risk of experiencing overheating as the summer season winds down.

A shortage of cooling products is also leading to overheating at restaurants and other facilities.

“There’s a lot of pressure on us to do our part,” Bowers said, adding that the aluminum industry would do everything it can to help alleviate the problem.

“We are a manufacturing industry.

We are a service industry.

And we are a business.

We’re a technology industry,” Bower said.

“We have to be part of the solution.”

Bower also said that a shortage of products is not a “good sign.”

The shortage has already affected the industry, however, with the UAW saying it would halt the manufacture of the products in the face of the impending shortage.

The aluminum industry has responded to the problem by expanding its inventory of cooling units.

Bowers also said the industry will look to replace many of the more than 1,300 of its aluminum cooling units that are no longer in use.

“The industry is going to try to replace these units,” Bowing said.

“They’re going to have to replace the units, so we’re going take care of them,” he added.

The UAW has already announced plans to phase out aluminum heating systems in the United States by 2020, and has said that the industry has committed $3 billion to address the heat issue.

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