Ceramic tile designs from the ’90s and ’00s are still making a comeback, and they’re getting more sophisticated in their look.

The trend is so popular, there are even ceramic brick ovens for sale.

Here are our top 10 ceramic tile designers, based on their popularity over the last 10 years.1.

Kahlil Alvi (1993-2018)This ceramic tile from the late 1990s has been popular for more than a decade now.

Alvi, a designer and professor at University of Minnesota, is the father of the modern ceramic tile movement.

Alva is also a ceramic tile enthusiast, and his new ceramic tile is named after the iconic clay bricks.

Alvaro’s Ceramic Tile Collection is among the first ceramic tiles Alvi designed.2.

Jelte Fink (1940-2018), who created the classic ceramic tile of the same name from 1970s to the mid-2000s, is now working on ceramic tiles of his own.

He’s called Ceramic-Tiles-Teal.3.

In the mid-’90s, Jelma Fink was busy working on a series of ceramic tile pieces that became the ceramic-tile-maker-of-the-century.

He later created a ceramic- tile design that became known as Ceramic Fink.4.

Almirante B. Di Francesco (1996-2018).

The Spanish-born Di Francescos has been making ceramic tiles since 1985.

In 2010, he launched the ceramic tile series with his wife, Jules, who also has a ceramics background.

His ceramic tiles, called di Francesco Tiles, are now available in a variety of finishes and colors.5.

Joanna O. Wojciechowski (1994-2018, based in Chicago) Joanna is the creator of ceramic tiles with the trademark ceramic-stone-like design that her husband Jelena developed.

Joanne was awarded the 2017 World Ceramic Artist of the Year.

Her ceramic tile works are also available in various finishes and sizes.6.

Joana B. Kliment (1991-2018 based in New York City) She’s the daughter of Joana, a ceramic expert and ceramic tile designer.

Joanas ceramic tile work is available in several finishes and finishes with a range of colors.7.

Jaela C. Rizzo (2001-2018based in California) Rizzos ceramic tile creations include ceramic-table lamps, ceramic ceramic table, and ceramic clay.8.

Michael A. Mink (1989-2018Based in London) Mink ceramic tile was featured in the BBC series ‘The Ceramic’ and has since become the most popular ceramic tile in the world.

His Ceramic Floor Tile is available as a ceramic floor tile.9.

Laura J. Smith (1996) Smith is a ceramic artist and ceramicist based in Toronto, Canada.

Her ceramically designed ceramic tiles include the ceramic stone-like tiles of the ’70s and the ceramic clay tiles of her husband, architect Thomas M. Smith, who died in 2018.10.

Paul W. Jang (1988-2018 and 2019)Jang is a former ceramic tile craftsman who is now an accomplished ceramic tile maker.

He created ceramic tile for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Washington, D.C. and also made ceramic tile tiles for a variety commercial clients.

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