The new ceramic coating used in ceramic cars could make them more corrosion resistant, according to a report published by The American Conservatives.

In fact, the coating could help prevent the car from being corroded by a coating of polyethylene, the report said.

The researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the American Institute of Ceramic Materials, along with the University at Buffalo in New York, studied a new ceramic material called “caviar.”

The new material was made using a process called pyrolysis, where molten carbon is combined with hydrogen and oxygen to create an extremely lightweight polymer.

It is so light that it is able to withstand being heated up to temperatures in the thousands of degrees Celsius, which is a level not normally seen in the solar spectrum.

Caviar is also a very good conductor of heat, which makes it a great candidate for coating ceramic cars, said Dr. William Schmid, an electrical engineer and lead author of the study.

“If you take a ceramic car and put it in a furnace and run the heat through it, it will be extremely hot, and it will rust, which could damage the ceramic coating,” Schmid told NBC News.

“So the new material, while not ideal for the automotive industry, could be a great improvement.”

The new ceramic coatings were also extremely strong, with a rating of nearly 80 percent.

However, they also had a number of disadvantages.

The coating had to be applied to the car before it could be used, and the coating itself had to adhere to the body of the car, and that was not easy to do.

The researchers also found that the ceramic coat was not as strong as a metal alloy, but that it could still be used for the purposes of protection.

However, the researchers did find that the new coating was more durable than the aluminum alloy that it was based on, and they found that it had a better thermal conductivity than the ceramic material used in the aluminum car.

The researchers also noted that it did not degrade at temperatures higher than 1,000 degrees Celsius.

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