The number 12 is an Australian symbol and is a recurring motif in Australia.

The number 12 can be found on ceramics from the 1300s onwards, but the most common ceramic tile numbers are 12×14 and 12×15.

It’s also known as a “sitting turtle”, “spotted turtle”, and “mushroom turtle”, but these are the most popular.

The numbers are usually associated with the seasons, which are generally from April to October.

The 12×10 and 12 x11 tiles are the ones most commonly found in Australia, with 12×13 being more common in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, and Victoria.

“It’s one of the most iconic numbers that we have, and is very popular across Australia,” Mr Denton said.

“The number itself has a great significance, and it’s been the symbol of Australia for hundreds of years.”

The number is found on the sides of a house, and on the exterior of a ceramic tile, but it also appears on the inside, where it is placed on the floor and wall, as well as on a tile that is being installed.

“You’re not going to find any ceramic tile in a garage that doesn’t have 12×11,” Mr Jodson said.

“It’s an iconic number, and there are plenty of them out there.”

The numbers have a special meaning in the United States, with a statue of the turtle on the lawn of the White House and an 1878 cartoon featuring the number in the background of the home of President Calvin Coolidge.

“There’s also a lot of people who know the number as an emblem, so they’ve been wearing it,” Mr Henshaw said.

The first ceramic tile houses were built in the 1800s, with the first two being the two-bedroom house of William Henry “Red” Throckmorton and his wife Mary, which was completed in 1825.

“As soon as you get that house, you realise you’re not only a part of a larger family, but you’re also part of an important period in the history of Australia,” he said.

For many Australians, the number 12 has become synonymous with a place, which is why it’s also seen as an Australian icon.”12 is an iconic symbol in Australia because it represents the time, the place, the culture, and that’s very much a part and parcel of Australia’s history,” Mr Throckmont said.


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