The new Heath, a new design from UK firm Heath Ceramics that is now in its private ownership, is one of the biggest projects of the year and the culmination of a decade of work by the firm.

The design is a two-storey, four-storeys building with a new facade and a large front courtyard with an open-plan design, complete with views over the Thames.

The building was designed by Heather Ceramic Architects, a British firm that has a long history in London and its suburbs, including Heath, the city’s iconic central tube station, and Kings Cross, home to one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, the Barbican.

The new design is the second major Heath project in the past year, following on from the Heath Bridge, which was opened last December.

The construction of the new Heath is expected to take four years, with the total cost of the project estimated at around £3 billion ($4.2 billion).

The building’s design is based on the existing Heath Bridge site, with its two-lane, three-storery design and extensive public realm, including the Olympic Park, London’s tallest building, and the iconic Canary Wharf.

The site also includes the iconic King’s Cross Station, which has a pedestrianized pedestrian crossing over the River Thames.

Other major Heath projects in recent years include the new St John’s Cathedral, which opened in July, and a new bridge for the Thames, which is being designed by the architects at Gershwin Architecture.

Other projects that have been announced for the new building include the construction of two new public spaces on the site, the redevelopment of the Thameslink ferry terminal and the redevelopment or replacement of the old Heath Bridge bridge over the river.

The Heath Ceromics website also has a gallery of photographs and video, which show the project in action.

Follow TechRadars coverage of the design of the Heath Cerams new design:

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